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Canola Oil Health Benefits

The history of mankind is based on the challenge for better life, better health and happy living. Individuals or groups from different nationalities have always provided something to induce the achievement of such prosperity.

The Canola plant has enabled Canada to fulfill its role to such ends, providing one of the most healthiest and most nutritious products to the world market. Agro Canada, Canola Council of Canada and a large number of experts have worked throughout the years in research and development to safeguard such a quality produced for mankind by extracting the healthiest oil from seeds of Canola flowers. Hence Canola Oil was born 30 years ago.

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Flaxseed Oil Benefits

Flax Seed Oil, Roasted Flax Seed and Flax Seed meal (powder), is a new healthy food with the name of OmegaLit-3, which contains 57% Omega-3 fatty acid, Which is the highest level of all edible oil and is extremely nutritious.


The human body can make most types of the fats it needs from other fats or foods. That isn't the case for Omega-3 fatty acid, the body can't make these essential fats from scratch but must get them from foods.

Omega-3 is the break building of the hormone and cell in our body and we have to take it in our daily diet from the food such as fish, nuts and Flax products.

Omega-3 fatty acid reduces inflammation in the body and helps prevent heart disease. Omega-3 lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, Also it will lower risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer and boost brain's functionality.

(Source : University of Maryland Medical Center. USA )