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About OmegaLit-3

Flax seeds are grown mainly in Manitoba province in Canada, Manitoba is in the heart of the North American continent and the greatest flax producing region in the world, the state-of-the-art production facility is focused uniquely on flaxseed production and development which allows us to be a leader in the high quality products.

OmegaLit-3 is free from all pesticides, herbicides, and other impurities are naturally removed from our flax oil without the use of additives, chemicals, or preservatives. We offer the best quality flax oil, flax seed and flax meal available in the market, and all of our products are gluten-free and vegan NON GMO.

A - OmegaLit-3 is the only products that offer pure, unrefined cold pressed flax oil that does not require refrigeration and is shelf-stable for up to two years. OmegaLit-3 flax oil has 57% Omega-3 fatty acid

B - OmegaLit-3 offers flax seed which is gently roasted for presenting best of taste and aroma. OmegaLit-3 Flaxseed contents 33% Omega-3.

C - Flax meal with high content of fiber in retail pack offers high level of Omega-3 (30.000 mg per pack)

Flax Oil – Rich in Omega 3

Flax oil, one of the richest plant based sources of Omega 3. It is considered by many researchers, scientists, and nutritionists as the most important health promoting supplement next to vitamins. Flax oil, as an added ingredient, can boost Omega 3 of processed foods.

OmegaLit-3 is produced through state of art technology; it is pure, fresh, and pleasant tasting.OmegaLit-3 flax oil has shelf stability without refrigeration which other manufacturers cannot replicate. OmegaLit-3 flax oil is used by our customers as an added ingredient to spreads, beverages, and dairy products to enhance nutrition values. It is an ideal choice due to its purity, pleasing flavor profile, and the ability to withstand the pasteurization process.

OmegaLit-3 flax oil is especially effective for Omega 3 fortification of dairy products. When the flax oil is mixed with whey protein rich dairy products, the Omega 3 rich flax oil will chemically bond to form lipoproteins which help to stabilize the flax oil from rancidity. The sulphurated amino acids methionine and cysteine in whey protein are powerful emulsification agents and will emulsify the flax oil making it soluble in water and stable from rapid oxidation. The resulting lipoproteins formed to make the Omega 3 in the flax oil highly bio-available during digestion.

Flax Oil – Rich in Omega 3

Our flax oil, flax seed and flax meal are packaging in the following sizes:

  • Flax Oil: Available in 250mL & 500mL
  • Flax Seed: Available in 454g
  • Flax Meal: Available in 454g

Flax Meal-Rich in Omega 3 (30.000 mg per pack), Vegetable Protein and Fiber. It is Gluten Free!

Flax meal is used widely in baked products such as flax bread and muffins.Flax meal is also ideal for gluten-free formulations of tortillas, pasta, pizza and many other food products that need a high fiber, gluten-free alternative.

Flax meal acts like flour in baking and can replace flours in recipes up to 20%. Flax meal is an ideal ingredient to fortify products with Omega-3, protein, soluble and insoluble dietary fiberincluding lignans. As an ingredient it can also improve rheological characteristics in baking formulations, because it absorbs up to 13 times its weight in water, it is an effective, functional hydrocolloid. The ability of flax meal to bind water in recipes makes for a softer product for products such as tortillas. The lignans and polyphenols in the flax meal are naturally occurring antioxidants that enable longer shelf life.

Flax meal adds nutritional quality, as well as texture, when used as an ingredient.

Flax Meal Constituent Information

Flax Meal Fiber

The major fiber fractions in flax consist of cellulose and mucilage gums which are a type of polysaccharide that becomes viscous when mixed with water or other fluids.The solubility and rheological properties of flax meal gum resemble those of gum. Its primary food industry application could be as a stabilizer.


Flax is a very rich source of a lignan called secoisolariciresinol diglucoside(SDG). Lignans are natural Omega-3 antioxidants and are gaining notoriety for their nutritional properties.

Flax Seed Protein

Flaxseed is a complete protein source, meaning that it contains every amino acid that your body can’t make on its own. It’s uncommon to find plant-based foods that are complete proteins, so flax seed makes a great addition to vegetarian diets.